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Shamekia Lashay

Alchemy Movement & Sound

My services are designed to provide relief and rejuvenation for individuals feeling mentally or physically drained from their caregiving responsibilities and busy lifestyles. They struggle to prioritize their own well-being and need assistance slowing down their minds, connecting with their bodies, and achieving deep rest without interruptions.
AMS is where you experience the benefits of yoga, movement, and sound healing.
Yoga and movement sessions meet you exactly where you are and help you cultivate a greater sense of grounding and connection to breathing and how your body moves. Sound baths are gentle so you can relax and unwind without overwhelming sounds.

My passion for movement and exercise has been a part of my life since childhood. It wasn't until I discovered yoga that I felt truly liberated to explore and express myself, while also finding healing from physical imbalances caused by various injuries over time. In 2015, I completed a 200-hour teacher training and have been sharing my knowledge as a dedicated teacher ever since. As I continued on my personal wellness journey, attending sound baths and listening to recordings of crystal singing bowls became a powerful tool in my anxiety relief toolkit. Knowing the profound impact it had on my own well-being, I felt called to share this practice with others and help them find peace and serenity in their own lives.

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