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Vinyasa Based Class Reviews

Shamekia has an expert knowledge of body movement, various tips & techniques to improve flexibility & her attention to detail make for a great instructor! She uses that perception to help students to correct & improve techniques while also catering plans to achieve goals throughout each session. She also has the critical ability to challenge students while keeping the classes enjoyable, informative & highly recommended! ~ Kavya Ashok

I have attended Shamekia's gentle yoga, power yoga and vinyasa flow classes over last 7-8 years. Her classes focus on all the aspects of yoga – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, and have greatly benefitted me. Each class starts with meditation and then progresses to yoga flows focusing on different areas of body. Throughout the class her gentle words remind students to be present mentally, proper alignment and also encourage to try new, more difficult poses. When I started yoga, I was suffering from lower back and shoulder pain and attending Shamekia's classes regularly has made a great positive difference for me. Shamekia's class was a part of weekly routine for me for year. I highly recommend it for everyone. ~ Renuka Mahajan

I felt so strong. It was a powerful and empowering experience. It came from achieving a goal or overcoming a challenge, which you offered in every class. ~ Sumbul Beg

Shamekia's energy is unmatched regardless if she's teaching Fusion, Vinyasa Flow or just subbing a class. It's that energy that keeps us returning. The value, support and magic she puts into every session can be felt immensely. She's not there for a paycheck, she's there for you and loves being a part of our healing journey! ~ D. Navarro

Yoga Fusion Class Reviews

Having taken Shamekia's Yoga Fusion classes, I can't recommend her enough for her knowledge and ability to incorporate in steps and encouraging us to perform at our level best. She used weights, elastic bands and body weight to target different muscle groups. Her class is interactive, challenging and motivating. Thank you Shamekia for giving such a variation of workouts. ~ Kavya Ashok

It was so interesting. It was dynamic, challenging, and a deeply fulfilling experience that was anything but boring. ~ Sumbul Beg 


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