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Yoga & Movement Classes

About the Classes 

Wednesdays 9am to 10am


Yoga Fusion is a class that offers a low to moderate-intensity workout while still providing a challenging experience to help you build strength. The class will begin with sun salutations to warm up, followed by resistance exercises that incorporate various tools such as weighted bars, weighted balls, resistance bands, yoga blocks, and your own body weight.

The room will be warm upon entry.


Thursdays 6:30pm to 7:30pm 

Ease into a peaceful evening with our dimly lit space designed to help you transition from a busy day. The class begins with a calming warm-up of breath work and sun salutations, followed by a combination of repetitive movements, light strength-building exercises, and held postures. Throughout the class, you are encouraged to go with your own flow as the session unfolds. This class is heated.

Classes are held at Xplore Yoga

5980 Newpark Mall Rd. Ste A
Newark, CA 94560

(510) 896-8134

Register ahead by clicking here or going to:

Items needed: Yoga Mat
Additional items: Yoga Blocks, small towel, water, strap

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